What is the biggest challenge for the NJ tech community in 2013?

I was asked by NJ Tech Weekly to address what I thought is the biggest challenge facing the NJ technology community in 2013.  Below is my response and something that I hope to help fix.

NJ has been recognized as a leading technology hub on the east coast this past year.  Though that has been a reality for some time, 2012 seems to have been the year we started to get credit for it.  However, there are still many challenges that we face.  If we want to be able to attract and retain great entrepreneurs for the long haul, I believe the #1 priority for 2013 should be build a robust investment community.  The reality is that the number or VCs, angel groups, and active angels in areas outside of NJ, particularly in NYC, far outweigh the resources in our state.  Additionally, as it pertains to my area of expertise in software businesses, there are almost no NJ investors who are vocal thought leaders and up to speed on where the mobile and internet categories are moving.  While good companies will naturally attract good investors, to accelerate that process, the state should come up with aggressive financial incentives to attract investors to NJ.  Here’s to 2013, may it be the year of the NJ checkwriters.  

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